Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Sit back, relax and enjoy all of the amazing massaging functions that this chair has to offer...

  • Intersegmental roller traction massage that rolls from your neck down to your buttocks
  • 36 air bags that compress and relieve tension in the muscles of your shoulders, back, neck, arms, legs and feet
  • Heated surfaces to help improve circulations and soothing to aching muscles in your back
  • Vibration in the lower back region to further help the tight muscles to relax and reduce pain
  • Zero gravity position provides a "weightless" relaxing posture where there is no pressure on your spine or extremities
  • Custom auto-scanning technology that measures your exact height to maximize the effectiveness of the massaging session
  • Custom programs to meet your desired massage strength and intensity
  • Custom preset programs to match your desired goal of the massage: increased energy, deep tissue, or relaxation

You will absolutely love what this chair can do for you! Call today for an appointment and get started with your weekly relaxation and rejuvenation session! 

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