I went to see Dr. Crews yesterday with lower back pain after a little too much golf this weekend. I was hurting a lot more than I have in a really long time and was a little worried about my 8 hours of driving planned for today. Well, I just got home and I have to say Dr. Crews eliminated 95% of my pain. I expected some level of relief, but not like this! As a guy whose had two back surgeries and countless pain pills in my time, it’s nice to get immediate relief without the medication!---Rick F. (9/26/17)

The entire staff is so friendly and inviting! They make you feel so comfortable! I love this place!---Misae C. (7/25/17)

Where do I even begin? I have seen quit a few doctors in my life. This is the first time I've had a Dr. and staff who are truly caring and compassionate about your well being and your life in general. He has truly helped with my pain from an auto accident. His new office is truly amazing, state of the art, tranquil and inviting. I wish I could visit 5 days a week!---Melody M. (4/21/17)

Dr. Crews and his team are amazing! They always work hard to help in any way they can, including last minute appointments and personal service. Thank you!---Megan W. (4/5/17)

Amazing care and service! His professional demeanor and deep care for his patients shows every day. He helped me go from lethargic, sore, stiff, and numbness in my arms, to fully functioning. Even got rid of my daily headaches. Any concerns you have, no matter how small, he will take care of them. Highly recommend!---Heather M. (7/19/16)

Very professional and friendly atmosphere, I highly recommend the clinic for any type of aches or pains.---Michael B. (4/11/16)

A very relaxing, healing environment. Dr. Crews is an outstanding chiropractor, he spends a lot of time addressing my concerns or issues and I never feel rushed.---Amy G. (3/27/16)

Dr. Crews and staff are very welcoming when you first walk in. They are professional and friendly. First went to Dr. Crews to help with my third pregnancy. I was 32 weeks and my daughter wasn't in position. After 3 visits she flipped! I also take my son (7 years old) for adjustments on his ears! Dr. Crews knows certain techniques to also help my son who has ADHD. They are awesome and I recommend them whenever I can!---Jennifer M. (3/18/16)

Staff is just the Best! Dr. Crews is a Kind Professional!---Dr. Ihab I. (3/17/16)

Dr. Crews is the best in Shreveport Bossier! Highly recommend!---Micah B. (4/27/17)

Dr. Crews has helped me and my husband so much! I have had long standing issues with pain from poor posture and years of being hunched over studying information that has since departed my brain. My husband has had pain from years of playing tennis rather aggressively! As a physician, I would not recommend just anyone to my friend and family, but Dr. Crews is easy to talk to, truly listens to you, and *knows what he is doing*!---Dr. Jaya M. (4/27/17)

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