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You can choose to have your forms emailed to you so you can complete them at home, or you may fill them out in our office. You will begin your visit by having a conversation with Dr. Crews. He will get to know you by asking what brought you into the office today, the history of the problem and your medical history. You’ll undergo an exam and digital X-rays (if you haven’t already undergone X-rays elsewhere). After studying the imaging, Dr. Crews will correlate the pain you’re feeling with its cause. Dr. Crews will then provide a treatment plan for you and then some therapies for pain relief. Adjustments and other physiotherapy modalities will be performed as appropriate for the patient’s needs.

Informed Care and Open-Door Policy
We encourage an open door policy at Crews Chiropractic. If you have any questions or concerns or need something explained again don’t hesitate to ask. Your visits should not only relieve you of pain but also educate you in chiropractic and how it can help to alleviate painful symptoms or problems that you may be having. We even use video imaging and models to illustrate for you what your condition looks like.

Providing Comfort and Pain Relief
Your comfort and relief from pain comes first! If you’re hurting, don’t worry about having an adjustment on your first few visits. Dr. Crews’s philosophy in practice is to “Treat others as you want to be treated.” As a result, he chooses to proceed with caution and ease, beginning with gentle therapies to bring you pain relief. He will explain the procedures to you during the first two visits. You will be continually re-evaluated with each visit; when you and Dr. Crews feel the time is right for you, he will begin the adjusting phase of your chiropractic treatment plan.

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Our practice is located at 915 Olive Street, between Fairfield Avenue and Line Avenue.
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